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Chord Progression (2+ Players, Layout/Rummy, v1.1)
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Pastel White
Mar 21, 2021
Hi Andrew, We cracked open some beer one night and had a good time playing your game! Thank you for sharing it. First off, it was great to play a game where we were gaining points as the game was played, we felt it added to the jeopardy. We also loved clearing the cards from the table as the 3+ sets are created—it was very satisfying. I had not thought about this as an option before and I can see how it could be used in other games. We also like that you have used the Harmonic Phase as a set… it’s a tricky one to remember but it’s great for putting together sets with what may seem like odd cards. Having played with it, it seems so natural that the T1 cards would connect harmonies to Q1 cards, and more generally, we enjoyed how you have used transition cards: especially giving them the freedom to connect with any card from the Quadrants that they bring together. However, a major flaw we found (maybe in ourselves!), was that we don’t want to go down with cards— even if we can—to avoid the risk of other players getting the points. As the aim is to create sets, how do you encourage people to go down? It seems to be more beneficial to collect many cards and keep missing turns. We thought that introducing some penalties or a discard pile would help with this. From the penalties point of view, maybe the cards that are left in a player’s hand once all plays have been exhausted, can be deducted from points earned at the end of the game. Or, in the case of the discard pile, maybe players can be forced to discard one card from their hand at the end of their turn. In following your instructions we also wondered about a few things Can Transition, Solid and Split Cards make a chord/set? Can a Quantum Card be placed next to a transition card? (We started one game with a Transition Card.) Per your rules, the Double Back Card links any two cards, can it link two Transition Cards? Likewise, can Split and Solid Cards link two Transition Cards together as long as they correspond to the Harmony? Or are you treating Transition Cards more like Quantum Cards? Once you complete a set, does that end the player’s turn or can the player go on to create as many sets as they can elsewhere on the table? Does a Split / Solid card need to go down with another card? Do quantum cards only act as a bridge, or can they be used in Scale? How do you gather / clear Quantum Cards if they link *any* 2 cards together (especially with the Double Back card because, once placed on the table it seems that it will stay there for the duration of the game)? Can any card from a Quadrant be placed next to one another from the same Quadrant (for example : T1, N1, F1, P1)? Or do they have to always be in Scale? Does it matter if cards adjacent are not in Scale? (See FIG 1.) We noticed that you didn’t include Harmonic Scales as a way to form a set. Was this deliberate? Maybe because you wanted to use Transition Cards as Quantum Cards? We thought this was a missed opportunity. If you can let us know the answers to these questions we’ll be happy to continue testing it and get back to you with any other thoughts. Thanks again for sharing your first game creation and for being the first to make a game contribution to the community! Sam
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Pastel White
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