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Feb 10, 2021
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Jessica. Although I spend my time making art, travelling (pre-Covid) or learning 日本語, I have been a fan of NoGame from the outset. Take a look at the Knowledge Base after you've had a chance to invent some games. While it isn't definitive or exhaustive, it certainly helps in writing up instructions when you are ready to share… Take a look at your profile and note that you can customise your Notification preferences in the "Settings" tab. We are still sorting things out and for now, bear in mind that the Pastel White Menu is too close to the edit image button (camera). So if you do want to add a profile picture, try to click as far right within that circle as you can. Editing / Adding a background image should not be a problem. We will be posting a couple more games soon. Let us know what you think. I know a lot will change as we all set out, using the cards for whatever it is we can imagine.
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