NoGame playing cards come without instructions or rules for games. Instead, they exist with these elements built into them. As such, one is forced to discover their natural order first and only then use this knowledge to create games.


The aim is that one experiences the difference between these two processes: the discovery of the facts of the cards (like facts of nature) and the creation of games (the facts of culture). By experiencing this firsthand, one will see that the two are quite different—one immutable and the other in a state of constant change.


For it is in the facts of culture where we find art, and here, the real piece of art is not a deck of cards and its facts of nature, but the facts of culture which are created with it.




These playing cards were created during the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown of 2020.

NoGame no. I - C-19 Edition (P.yg, and

CMYK Digital Print, 320 gsm playing card material

W 76 x H 51 x D 10 cm (Display Case)


P.yg (Pink) 50 + 3 A/P (Yellow) 50  + 3 A/P (Green) 50 + 3 A/P