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A MetaTwinn is set of standards that allow a pair of works to be linked as 2 halves of the same, one digital and the other physical.

(Above) Pastel White’s Still Life No.I MetaTwinn in both the Virtual and Physical domains. The Virtual work, a hi-resolution digital image, and the Physical as a C-Type print.

For a long time collecting art has only existed in the physical domain. With the advent of NFTs this has all changed, opening up the possibility for works to be collected in both the physical and virtual worlds, and further cementing the duality of our life today—which exists in both.

When artists create a physical work of art and then do the same only digitally, they have produced MetaTwinns: they are born of the same work and yet are separate instances of it. These can either to be collected together, with the benefits of owning both mediums, or separately, allowing the collector to focus on the medium they are most attracted to.


The hope is that the MetaTwinn standard will allow artists of both domains to step across this divide.




MetaTwinn Standard


For the work to be classed as a MetaTwinn it must satisfy each of the following:


  1. The intent of the artist/s is for the piece to be collected in both the Physical and Virtual domains

  2. Twinned works should be meta ie, self-referential or in dialogue with each other and must not differ from one another to the extent that they are considered entirely different works

  3. The works’ descriptions should indicate that the work is a MetaTwinn


Like all standards they are updated with time, so the version at the top of the page indicates the MetaTwinn standard that is being referred herein.

Please feel free to download the MetaTwinn standard as a .pdf for reference.